Professional Profile

Emil is a Southern California based professional architectural photographer specializing in creating emblematic images of commercial and private buildings for marketing and promotional use.

In addition to winning several client design awards, his work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Business Journal, The Orange County Business Journal, ENR Magazine, The San Diego Business Journal and Structures Magazine just to name a few.

Clients include architects, building owners, interior designers, contractors, developers, engineers, publishers and magazines. His main focus is to consistently produce images that are technically outstanding as well as aesthetically powerful.

I always remember that my success depends upon the success of my clients. It is why, I never lose sight of their goals.

Accredited member of:
AIAP  |   IAAP   |   ASMP


Open License

Image usage restrictions no longer makes sense in the world of Instagram and Facebook. The future of architectural media is online, and as such, it is essential that content can be easily shared. 

All images, unless otherwise noted, come with an open license. All copyright fees are included, and in almost all occasions you can use our images without requesting additional approvals.