Tasman Parking Structure


A San Francisco exterior architecture photographer, as you can imagine, has a wide range of subjects to photograph. Everything from the famous bridges and sports venues to private and public buildings on the hilly streets of the Bay Area neighborhoods; there is no shortage of suitable targets. For this session, I was able to showcase a structure that is not often thought of in the realm of architectural photography; the Tasman parking Structure. The Tasman Drive Parking Garage was designed by IPD Global, consists of a six-level, 1,812-stall parking structure located between the Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club, Great America Parkway, the Convention Center Complex and the future site of the San Francisco 49ers Stadium.

Adorned with a giant sign that declares the “City of Santa Clara,” the Tasman Parking Structure is set up to represent much more than simply a place for parking vehicles. This structure has been established as a fixture of the city and a marvel of its own in a city that is rich with strokes of design brilliance.

Of course, the primary reason for existing is to provide a space to accommodate visitors who need to park their cars. Instead of being tied to a rigid design, the designers of the Tasman Parking structure used the opportunity to create a structure that lends beauty and interesting construction to the area. The outside of the structure allows passers-by the chance to see a unique flavor from each viewing angle. On one side the mesh fencing serves a practical purpose while inviting a viewpoint into the parking area from the street and beyond. On another side, the entrances are asymmetrical to break up the monotony that might be found on other parking lots in other less-interesting parts of the country.

As often is the case as a San Francisco architectural photographer, I am privileged to have the kind of buildings that are created for more than just their utility but as a means for defining the community with a sense of artistry.