Taking a step away from commercial properties and public structures, I recently had the pleasure of capturing an interesting residential photography project, Mark Loretta’s private home. Mark is a retired Major League Baseball player who played for the Milwaukee Brewers, Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. Mark’s 8,000 square foot home is located in the ultra-upscale community of Rancho Santa Fe (San Diego, California). With an estimated median income of $189,000, it is on the list of highest income communities and has the fourteenth most expensive ZIP code in the United States (fourth most expensive in California). The client, PORTELLA, manufactures individually engineered, high-quality architectural steel doors and windows, contemporary metal doors, pivot doors, gates, railings, and hardware. All of these high-quality treatments were on stunning display in Mark’s home and shooting the property was a pleasure personally and professionally.

Aside from the exquisite items supplied by PORTELLA, the grounds were full of features that were breathtaking to photograph. The property had as many stunning features inside as it did outside. Being a San Diego Architectural photographer and interior design photographer, being able to participate in a photo session like this allowed me to draw on my experiences as both.

You’ll notice from the images that Loretta’s home had a wide range of design accents that provided continuity without being boring or repetitive. The outside tile was similar to the tone of the flooring inside the home and the furniture in the main areas inside the home complemented the seating in the outdoor areas.

The structure itself combined a mix of warm wood and stone that was consistent in both the indoor space as well as the areas where Mark took advantage of the open air.

Interior design photography often gives me a chance to showcase both indoor and outdoor features and mark Loretta’s home is a beautiful example of both.